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SEBCO VanPool van

The VanPool Program provides commuter services for members of Arkansas State Employees Association (ASEA) between home communities and job sites.

Anyone can ride on the VanPool. Although membership in ASEA is required for participation, being a state employee is not a requirement to be a member of ASEA.

However, call us to see if we have a route that would accommodate your needs: 501-378-0187. Ask for Paul Holland. 

Associate memberships are also offered. Active member dues are $52.00 a year for state employees, and associate membership is $26.00 a year. For more information on joining the Arkansas State Employees Association, please see the ASEA website.


For more information about riding on a VanPool van, please contact our office at 501-378-0187 (from inside Pulaski County) or 1-800-950-8139 (from outside Pulaski County).

VanPool rates according to city appear below. VanPool fees for state employees are payroll deducted each pay period. Non-state employees are billed each month for the following month. The amount payable is due on or before the first of each month. (The VanPool qualifies as an approved means of mass transit for federal employees receiving an allowance for use of such approved methods.)

SEBCO VanPool counties servedVANPOOL RATES

   Bi - Weekly   Monthly 
Beebe  $91.78  $198.84
Benton  $71.41  $154.71
Bryant  $71.41  $154.71
Cabot  $82.71  $179.19
Carlisle  $102.43  $221.92
Conway  $83.71  $181.36
Des Arc  $127.32  $275.86
El Paso  $91.78  $198.84
Gravel Ridge  $73.80  $159.90
Hazen  $110.05  $238.43
Hot Springs  $118.08  $255.84
Jacksonville  $69.01  $149.51
Lonoke  $96.01  $208.01
Malvern  $109.44  $237.12
Mayflower  $81.31  $176.16
Pine Bluff  $102.73  $222.57
Romance  $109.44  $237.12
Rosebud  $116.68  $252.80
Searcy  $111.70  $242.00
Sheridan  $91.21  $197.61
Ward  $85.11  $184.40



The VanPool has served commuters in central Arkansas counties since 1979. VanPool services are available to both public and private employees. 

Currently, around 21 vans are in operation transporting around 200 riders daily to and from their job sites. The VanPool operates on a fixed schedule Monday through Friday between home communities and places of employment. The riders meet at a central point in their community and are dropped near their job sites in Little Rock.

Each van is self-supporting. No subsidies from tax money support the operation of this program. Each van rider pays a set fee for riding. These fees cover fixed costs (cost of the van, insurance, taxes, and license) and variable costs (gas, maintenance, oil, tires, batteries, and repairs).


Van drivers and back-up drivers are volunteers who live in the area being served. To qualify as a driver, the volunteer must have a valid driver's license, be at least 25 years old, and must not have had a moving violation within the past three years.

The drivers must be responsible for driving each day, picking up and delivering riders on a set schedule, arranging with the office for routine maintenance, cleaning their van, providing secure parking, and informing the office of any changes in ridership.


ASEA is a non-profit organization with tax-exempt status from the IRS. Each participant of the program must be a member of ASEA.


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